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Connect and Join The Filipino Minecraft Server

Notice to players: The server is on offline mode, we do this so that everyone can play. Please buy Minecraft if you can afford 1,400 pesos, you can purchase one of these from the official website

How to connect and play the server:

Open up Minecraft and navigate to the Multiplayer Menu
Click on the "Add Server" button
Enter as the server IP server name can be anything
Make sure to select Server Resource Packs: Enabled
Press Done and Connect to start playing!
How to join Pinoy LifeCraft summary.

Did you encounter problem when joining?

It is possible that you will be unable to connect to the server at any time. There could be a variety of reasons for this. We have a list of problems and a solution you might be having.

Ask on Discord

Common Issues


You did not accept server's resourcepack

If you followed the steps on how to join the server there should be no problem, or this is. Commonly it is because of a Minecraft bug. To fix this, delete the current server and make a new one. If it didn't fix the problem, go join our Discord server. We have a lot of people to help you there.

Your account has been banned

When you break one of our rules, you will be banned automatically or manually. You may want to look at our support page about how to (possibly) get unbanned. Also please follow rules to avoid getting banned. You can find rules at game info page.

Your username is incorrect or already owned

That happens a lot, specially to piso net players. They often forget their username. Go restart Minecraft and make sure that the username is correct. If already owned username it is common sense to try other username that is not owned by others.

Your internet connection speed is slow​

In many cases, players' internet connection speeds are insufficient, making it difficult to join our server. Usually, simply resetting your router will solve the problem. If you're still having trouble connecting to the server, try unplugging any other devices that might be limiting your internet access.

Outdated Version​

If you get a message that your launcher is out of date, you'll need to restart it and update to our compatible versions. We hope you have a good time playing the server. If you need more assistance, please go to website's support pages or join our Discord server.

Server maintenance or offline

If you receive a message stating that the server is under maintenance, it means that no one can connect at that time. Please wait and try connecting again later. If it said offline, go contact us to notify the staffs about the what happened.

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