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All Server Rules

Welcome to Pinoy LifeCraft rules page!

You can read our rules here simple and easy. Below are categorized examples that will result in a punishment. If a rule is broken live then you'll punished accordingly, just like everyone else. Pinoy LifeCraft staff do their best to keep the server safe and enjoyable for everyone. If you have been warned by the staff/s, then we are expecting you to respect their decision and work with them to resolve the situation.

Inappropriate Chat Conduct

Disrespect/offensive language and hate speech.
Racism and Discrimination.
Intentionallly avoiding the chat filter.
Spamming or rioting of any kind.
Sharing other's private information.

Inappropriate Behavior

Intentionally griefing other players land.
Intentionally attempting to kill someone outside of PVP areas.
Scamming other players via trades etc.
Illegal builds or symbols.
Innapropriate in game name and skins.
Evading punishment by using alternate accounts.

Glitches and Exploits

Exploiting a game system.
Duplicating items.
Participating bugs for own good.

Using Hacked Clients

X-ray mod or resource pack.
Hacked clients.
Auto click

Found a player violating the rule?

If you find a player violating the rules feel free to report them also please make sure you have an evidence such as screenshot. If you've been muted or banned and you'd like to be unbanned, you must make an appeal.

Create ban appeal

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